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  John Haggerty

From "How to Be Happy"

C. Learn the Quivering Wu Li Fist Of Death


1. For the righteous warrior, the Quivering Wu Li Fist of Death creates invincible power

2. Invincible power is cool

a) It must be used only for good

b) And not to pick on the dorky kids

(1) Even if it would make me cooler

(2) I might be the dorkiest kid

c) I could use it to vanquish Jerry Moritzki

(1) After I vanquished him, peace would return to the kingdom

(2) The police would say it was OK, because everybody hates him

(a) And I used the Quivering Wu Li Fist of Death

(i) Not a gun

(ii) Or a knife

(b) Which makes it OK





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