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Carolyn Adams

what do you see?

It's my pleasure to present an e-chapbook of collages by Carolyn Adams.  Carolyn's poetry and art have appeared in several issues of RHP and we've always been delighted to be able to present her work. 

We thought it might be fun to ask a few poets to take an early look at Carolyn's collages and submit some text as reactions to these.  We were vague in our directions to these folks, but they turned in some nice poems, fragments of poems and prose for the issue. 

So special thanks to

Larry D. Thomas

Stella Brice

Joseph R. Trombatore

Peter Schwartz

and a

Mary Margaret Carlisle


If you would like a pdf version of this book, it's free and downloadable.  The file is about 3mb.

Hope you enjoy!




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