r i g h t  h a n d  p o i n t i n g

short fiction  short poetry  short commentary  short..uh..art



  Blue Cats

Laura Stamps

I remember how the rain would
roll through the empty sleeve of
the day, after day, while blue
cats flew through paintings
glazing the walls. How the kitten
would cling to his arm, marveling
at the glitter and swish in a fish
tank. I am surrounded by cats,
more at home with the soft purr
of whisker, claw, and fur (even
leaf and spore) than the mystery
of chrome, hustle, and cement.
May I never dismiss the gentle
murmur of my heartís desire,
pursuing my dreams persistently,
as I dance to Peterís pencil-tap
(my favorite blue cat), sketching
the slick lozenge of a sailboat at
sunset. O splash the canvas of
my life with lavender, pink, teal:
I am always more than I think.






Laura Stamps is a poet and novelist.  Over five hundred of her poems, short stories, and poetry book reviews have appeared in literary journals, magazines, anthologies, and broadsides, including the Louisiana Review, Ibbetson Update, Big City Lit, Poesy Magazine, American Writing, Fullosia Press, and Lummox Journal.  She is the author of more than twenty-five books of poetry and prose









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