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Photo of scene in Brugge, Belgium by Colin Goldie

Number 7 (2005)

"Living Room"

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The Edito note

Note 7

  Meredith Whipple poetry

Office Space
Lan Nail Salon

Rich Murphy poetry

Crucixion Currency

Cleo Fellers Kocol poetry

Working Day
Before Man Fought Nature
Holding On
Party Partners

Jeffrey Ransdell nonfiction


Colin Goldie photography

James O'Grady and Fiddle

  Rosanna Armendariz fiction


F. John Sharp fiction

Goo-Goo G'Jube

Doug Draime poetry

Darkness & Light
The Hollow Dead Ring of Time
The Weight of the Head

    Amanda Laughtland poetry

Living Room
Postcard: June 20, 1957

Mark Martin sentence

Short Fusion


Jennifer Hill-Kaucher poetry

Doing the Dishes

J. Andrew Morris poetry

It Makes Sense
The Most Powerful Force in the Universe
Amor Fati

  Dr. Bill Michaels image

Primitive Flora Motherboard #4

Matt Betts poetry

Marietta Is a Memory
Across a Neighboring Field

  A. D. Winans poetry

Early Morning San Francisco Happenings  

  Anna Lucas poetry

Church Dance 

  Contributors bios

Between my finger and my thumb the squat pen rests. I'll dig with it. - Seamus Heaney 

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