right hand pointing


Why, I have been asked, is this effort called "Right Hand Pointing"?

I'm Dale, the founder and editor of Right Hand Pointing and am still waiting for someone to give me a straight answer on this. No one will. Once, in the early 70's, I shot a parked Honda Gold Wing motorcycle with a crossbow in Scottsdale, Arizona and nobody has ever been able (or willing) to explain that to me, either. Anyway, in my opinion, people have a responsibility to explain these things to me and, like  so often is the case in our entitled society, people shirk their basic responsibilities. 

What I remember about it:  I ran across a mysterious image on the web of a man pointing with his right hand toward the left.  So his arm sort of crossed over his abdomen.  My original idea "Right Hand Pointing Left.com" was to be a conceptual visual art website composed entirely of pictures of people pointing to the left with their right hands. I was quickly inspired by the futility of that project when I asked people to volunteer to have their pictures taken and found them more disturbed and confused than I had intended. So, I abandoned that project quickly.  Then I decided to make it an online lit magazine.  That occurred to me while having coffee and a biscuit in a Hardee's in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. 

The Hardee's is now closed.  Here is a slide show of closed Hardee's restaurants.





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