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"My Boyfriend's Hair" by Kat Lemmons

Number 6 (2005)

"The Need For Carp"

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The Edito note

Note 6

  Ann McNeal poetry

I Am Not the Buddha

Nancy Dymond poetry

The Way a Poem Lives

Helen Losse poetry

Weather Report

Jeffrey Ransdell poetry

Three Moments
Or Maybe Soybeans

Susan H. Case poetry

The Oil of Possibility
The Need For Carp

Flat Universe

  Paul D. McGlynn poetry

Night Beach, Key West

Laurence Loeb poetry

A Matter of Gravity

Darrell B. Grayson poetry

Hallowed Ground

    Rolf Halvorsen found & processed photography

Bad Photos  #1-4

Jeff Walker poetry

My Big Heart

John Grey poetry

Held In
In Common

Stephanie Zultanky poetry

Words On Paper

Robert A. Neimeyer poetry

Not a Journal
Perfect Storm

  F. J. Bergmann poetry

Bullfight With Hemingway
The Haunted Parka

Corporate Art Collection
For Your Convenience

  Contributors bios

"To be a poet is a condition, not a profession." Robert Frost 

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