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Number 3 (2004):

"The Radius of Salvation"

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Sandra Agricola poetry Sandra Agricola is the author of two collections of poetry,  Master Bedroom Poems and White Mercedes.  A new chapbook, Yellow, is available from Mercy Seat Press.  Her poems have appeared in The Georgia Review, Denver Quarterly, Awakenings Review, The Ohio Review, and elsewhere.  She lives in Birmingham, Alabama.
Doug Draime poetry Doug Draime's most recent books:  Slaves of the Harvest (Indian Heritage Publishing,
Unoccupied Zone (Pitchfork Press, 2004), Spleen. an ebook, (Poetic Inhalation, 2004). He started publishing in the small press and underground newspapers in 1969, and his work continues to appear in publications worldwide. He lives in Oregon.
Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal poetry Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico). He lives in California and works in Los Angeles.  His writing has appeared in Fearless, The American Dissident, and The New American Imagist, Cedar Hill Review, Blue Collar Review, Chrysanthemum, Iodine, Arsenic Lobster, and in many other magazines.
A. D. Winans poetry A. D. Winans is a native San Francisco poet and graduate of San Francisco State University. A member of PEN, his work has appeared in hundreds of literary magazines and anthologies, and been translated into eight languages.  He is the author of 43 books and chapbooks of poetry and prose.  His latest book DREAMS THAT WON'T LET ME ALONE is available from Bottle of Smoke Press: www.bospress.net.
Andrei Smyslov images Dr. Andrei Smyslov is a retired astrophysicist who resides in Russia.  He has produced an extensive body of art depicting batteries.    Dr. Smylov's collection of battery art, Rocket C-Cell, is currently on exhibit in Quernertuarsuit, Greenland and some of those images are published in Issue #2 of Right Hand Pointing
Laura Stamps poetry

Laura Stamps is a poet and novelist.  Over five hundred of her poems, short stories, and poetry book reviews have appeared in literary journals, magazines, anthologies, and broadsides, including the Louisiana Review, Ibbetson Update, Big City Lit, Poesy Magazine, American Writing, Fullosia Press, and Lummox Journal.  She is the author of more than twenty-five books of poetry and prose

Dan Korgan fiction Dan Korgan lives in Portland, Oregon. He enjoys hiking in the foothills of the Cascade Range, bird watching and photographing rare plants. Currently,
he is working on a master's degree in feminist rhetoric at Portland State University.
Allan Peterson poetry Allan Peterson lives in Gulf Breeze, Florida He the author of a book, Anonymous Or, and two chapbooks, Stars On A Wire and Small Charities.  His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Gettysburg Review, Many Mountains Moving, West Wind, Arts & Letters, Northwest Review, Jabbwerwock, Belleview Literary Review, Agni, Blackbird, Drexel Online Journal, Stickman Review, The King's English, Story South, Typo, Prairie Schooner, Beloit Poetry Journal, Mid America Review, and Octopus.  He was the 2002 winner of the Arts & Letters Poetry Prize and has been the recipient of fellowships by the Florida Arts Council and the NEA.
David Deborde poetry David Deborde has taught at West Virginia State University and is currently teaching English at Greenup County High School.  His writings have appeared or are forthcoming in The Roanoke Review, The Pacific Review, Et Cetera, Bathtub Gin, Harpur Palate, and The Encyclopedia of Ethnic American Literature.  He has a chapbook, godspeople, coming soon.


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