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"Tape Cartridge With Text" by Andrei Smyslov

Number 3 (2004):

"The Radius of Salvation"

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this issue includes:

The Editor  note

The Note

Sandra Agricola poetry

St. Vincent

Doug Draime poetry

What She Wrote From Rural America

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal poetry

Signed, "Citizen"

Enemies of the Word


A. D. Winans poetry

Tenderloin Hotel Poem

Andrei Smyslov images

GALLERY: Tape Cartridge

Laura Stamps poetry

Blue Cats

Dan Korgan fiction

     Smoke Break

Allan Peterson poetry

Simple Gifts

The Other


David Deborde poetry

Cancer's Gotta Leave a Mark

Be Still and Know

The Radius of Salvation

Contributors bios


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