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"Contemplation of a Tree" by Kat Lemmons

Number 5 (2005)

"Where Bats Fit Into the Relationship"

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this issue includes:

The Editor  note

Note 5

Kat Lemmons poetry

Another Blind Date
Two People

Driving In Arizona

Helen Losse poetry

Funeral In the Woods
Holiday Trek Without Any Snow

In the Valley, Alone
A Dried-up River Bed

Shanna Trenholm poetry

Sandwich Girl

Sara Owens poetry

Know Not

  Brent Powers fiction

Epistemology With Cat

Doug Draime poetry

On the Way to Whitman's Grave
Morning Raga
People of the Lie

Kathryn Burkett poetry

It Isn't Funny
Ask the Angels

Tammy R. Kitchen fiction

The Question

John Grey poetry

Home Is Where...
Where Bats Fit Into the Relationship

Lake Reminder


Y Carolyn Adams  

Valentine Y

Carol Skinner poetry

People Take the Train

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